The South Asian Island nation of Maldives has a unique geography, topography, beauty, and spectacular underwater life.  The Maldives sits at the top of the underwater mountain range and consists a chain of twenty-six natural atolls.

The island nation has a tropical climate and two distinct seasons. It’s typically dry from November and through April and rainy from May through October.  The Maldives has a mean elevation 1.8 m. The lowest point is the Indian Ocean at 0 m, and the highest point is at Viligili in the Addu Atholhu at 2.4 m. The Maldives covers the land area of about 298  sq km (115 sq mi) and the population is approximately 400,000.

The Maldives has historically been a trading route of the central Indian Ocean. Many Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs, and North Africans traveled through and settled in the Maldives.  Until today, the Maldivian culture has been greatly influenced by the Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs and North Africans. 

Togetherness, Folklore, Music, Dance, Craftsmanship, and harmony with the marine life and nature are deeply rooted in Maldivian culture.
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