The Kingdom of Bhutan, nestled high in the Eastern Himalayas is a paradise for those seeking once in a lifetime opportunity to experience serene ecology and unique Himalayan culture. Also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan has an area of 38,394 km2(14,824 sq mi) and the population is approximately 800,000.  

The travel system in Bhutan is unique. The high-value and low-impact tourism have been the core of travel promotion in Bhutan, meaning that it emphasizes the ecologically friendly, culturally acceptable, and economically viable tourism. All visitors have minimum spend requirement and must arrange their travel plan ahead of time through an approved tour operator. GoSouthAsia works with a locally approved tour operator to make preferred itineraries for our clients.  Please contact us now for a customized travel itinerary to meet your interests and needs in Bhutan or any other part of South Asia.