Tara Acharya GoSouthAsia

Hello & Namaste,

GoSouthAsia is born out of my love for travel, photography, meditation, and spirituality.

South Asia is rich in nature, culture, and adventure. The yoga, meditation, and the Vedas were originated in South Asia. The Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism other eastern faiths were born in South Asia. This region is also home to over sixty UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I am a native of Nepal but currently live in San Diego. GoSouthAsia is my means to introduce South Asia’s rich nature, culture, and spirituality to my friends from the west.

If you are a backpacker or a city hopper, you can probably travel to any place around the world on your own. But if you are interested in exploring South Asia’s in a meaningful & responsible manner with the help of a trusted advisor, I am here to help you.  GoSouthAsia’s packages are not confined to tourist trail rather bring opportunity to visit many hidden treasures.

Tara Acharya, CTO / Owner
California Seller of Travel # 2129825
Email: tara@gosouthasia.com