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Hello & Namaste,

GoSouthAsia was born out of my love for travel, photography, meditation, and spirituality. Unfortunatey, due to COVID-19 and the reduced need for travel services around the world, we have decided to cease our service.

South Asia is still rich in nature, culture, and adventure. The yoga, meditation, and the Vedas were originated in South Asia. The Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism other eastern faiths were born in South Asia. This region is also home to over sixty UNESCO World Heritage sites.

If you visit SouthAsia, bease do not be confined to tourist trail rather visit many hidden treasures. We have many reliable partners in South Asia, whom we know and worked for many years. We will be happy to recommend you to one of those direct contacts, but sadly, we are closing our business.

Tara Acharya,

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